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Hong Kong International Airport

During their unexpectedly-long layover in Hong Kong, the Bladebreakers are seen at Hong Kong International Airport, which opened in July 1998. When I was researching this location, I was almost convinced that the scenes were actually taking place in the older Kai Tak Airport, which the modern day Hong Kong International Airport replaced. Why did I think this? Because of this scene of the Bladebreakers standing by the gate:

An interior shot of one of Hong Kong International Airport's departure gates in Beyblade season 1
The interiors look very reminiscent of an older airport

Plain, carpeted interiors, that weird grate-like ceiling and exposed concrete pillars. I’ve seen plenty of old airports with that design aesthetic but not many that were built as recently as 1998. However, take a look at the sign in the background. G12. Gate 12 – our first clue. The old Kai Tak Airport only had 8 departure gates.

I really wish I’d rewatched the next episode before I went to the time and effort of counting fictional departure gates though, because take a look at this scene of them leaving the airport:

Well damn it. That’s a very distinctive looking airport building and I wish I’d spotted it sooner. Kai Tak certainly didn’t have a terminal with those large curved roof sections. Maybe I’ll just take a look at Google Earth to see if the current airport does…

Hong Kong International Airport as seen in Google Earth

Well there it is, we’ve got our match. This has proven to be one of the easier locations to identify so far in the series. Keep your eyes peeled for more of the lesser-known locations the Bladebreakers visit in Hong Kong.

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